Droplets of Verse: ‘Wave’

The angels are crying
There’s a storm in my soul
When the water washes
Me, I feel cold

Years drip silently
The flood never ends
Life gets carried
On a wave of regret

There’s nothing to
Be sorry for
But still I mourn
The past

Regrets never gave me
Anything that might last

Portugal Cove, NL, 1908
Portugal Cove, NL, 1908 (Photo credit: Musée McCord Museum)

15 thoughts on “Droplets of Verse: ‘Wave’

      1. For me it’s not a matter of time, Andy – at least, not consciously dedicated time. It comes right or it doesn’t and then editing is little adjustments like taking out “and” or “the”, adding a comma to make the meaning clear or changing a word with an unhelpful double meaning. This one came out right.

        The gravatar is Neanderthal art. I really feel it connects.

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