Desert Island Books: with author and wordsmith Rags Daniels

Mount Desert Island, Maine
Mount Desert Island, Maine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rags Daniels is an author from Night Readers. Born, Salford City 1944. Moved to S. Devon, 1956. Attended S. Devon College, construction dept. Worked for Borough Architects Dept. Gained I.O.C.W (GB) Diploma at Brunel University. Built own house. Set up a CRF plant in Mumbai, and a Bengal Tiger compound South of  Nepal for a wildlife trust. Retired,  widowed, 4 children, plus a 12-year-old adopted daughter. On dialysis three mornings a week, spends the time reading and writing.

Rags  is now marooned on a desert island without any hope of rescue in the foreseeable future. He’s been washed ashore with little in the way of possessions, but thankfully with a pile of books for company. Here are his views on the books he’s brought with him . . .

1. Which book would you read when sitting next to a campfire, to keep your spirits up? Tom Sharpe’s Wilt on High.

2. You’re going fishing. Which character from which book would you go with, and why? Chief Brody from Jaws, because he knows all about sharks, handy on a desert island.

3. You’d need a phrase or quotation from a book to adopt as a motto. Which one? “Frascati, colder than a polar bears snatch.” Foxy Lady (Rags Daniels).

4. If a ship was to appear on the horizon, what would you do when you got aboard – in a literary sense? Ask them ‘How did you know I was here?’

5. The tide comes in and one of your books floats away. Which one would you least mind losing? The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx.

6. Who from the world of publishing do you think would benefit from being stranded on a desert island? (Not necessarily the same island as you) Jeffery Archer.

7. If you could choose any writer to be your Man Friday, who would that be? Harry Hill.

8. You’ve landed on the island with a single bottle of the drink of your choice. Which drink would you choose and once you’ve drunk it, what would your message be? Help!

Rags Daniels on Facebook

Night Reading

‘Foxy Lady’ on Amazon

If you’re an author or writer and you’d like to be featured on Desert Island Books, then get in touch via the To Contact Me page.

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19 thoughts on “Desert Island Books: with author and wordsmith Rags Daniels

  1. My one and only failure to comprehend the seriousness of the afore mentioned interview was, I freely admit, the inability to say ‘no’ to a flagon of Barolo. It is now featured on ‘Zooty’, as a reminder to me of the dangers of not being able to drink oneself sober before an inquisition.

  2. To be honest (and that’s always a precursor to a lie)…I can’t remember. Suffice to say, Andrew, I have posted your inquisitorial masterpiece on my blog, Zooty…Thing is, I can’t locate the damn thing…Perhaps you will do the honours and share my distress.

    1. It’s early days, Rags. I recommend a solid month of orientation on WordPress to become familiar with the environment, then get distressed at the lack of traffic. But, with spadeloads of sweat, you’ll be in the fast lane, easy.

  3. Very witty and entertaining, Rags. I love your choice of Captain Brody from Jaws as a fishing companion!
    Andy, you are on to a winner with this series.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments girls, you have brightened my Saturday morning no end. You are probably aware by tis time, I have been excommunicated from TSP and NR. But you must read the threads on this on FB and Rags FB page.
      Thank you again, Rags xx

  4. Message from Sheila Mary Belshaw via Facebook:
    ‘I enjoyed learning even more about this remarkable man and good friend. I thought I knew him inside out from reading his extraordinary novel – Lallapaloosa – since as I’m sure you all know, an author reveals much of himself in his fiction. Now I admire him even more, and I’m sure that if we ever met for real, we would get on like the proverbial house on fire.’

    1. And wear that rabbit skin coat and matching hat an gloves, I’d never forgive myself if you caught a chill. And yes, I’m vertical today, and it’s a whole different world!

      1. Rabbit skin? You must need your eyes examined. I never wear anything but cashmere. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for the death of lovely creatures like rabbits.

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