Droplets of Verse: ‘A Minute of Silence’

A minute of silence
Joins minds in memory
And sometimes in these islands
A minute of silence
Descends into violence
And all manner of devilry
A minute of silence
Joins minds in memory

Moment of silence
Moment of silence (Photo credit: sacks08)

17 thoughts on “Droplets of Verse: ‘A Minute of Silence’

  1. I’ve been having contempt….for the still.
    Your words and the image get it back into balance, along with all the flows in and out in that moment of silence. Thank you for the gift.

  2. I like this…
    it seem to scream volumns in that minute of stillness
    but in earth tones not screeching…
    Thank you for sharing
    Take Care…

  3. I found this very intriguing. The threat of danger resonates through the poem and the ‘following’ half rhymes give it fast pace, making me feel as if something bad was going to happen any moment; even after the poem ended and I read it four times, almost obsessively, I felt as if I couldn’t let it go. It’s a clever the way you arrange the half rhymes creating for me a sense of mystery and a hint at some event, past or future, that I wanted to know more about. Lovely work!

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