Desert Island Books: with thriller writer Lorne Oliver

Serial killer
Serial killer (Photo credit: jing.dong)

Lorne Oliver is an author originally from Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada.  After getting a degree in Culinary, he and his family moved to Prince Edward Island (PEI) to further his chef career.  Opportunities then brought him to Saskatchewan.  Having started writing at the age of 10 he has always wanted to see his name in print and have people read his stories.  He always thought it would be in the genre of literary romance, but when the opportunity came to interview several members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in PEI and add some realism to a story he always wanted to write that showed how a serial killer became the evil he was destined to, without having the bad guy as the hero, he went for it.

Lorne is now marooned on a desert island without any hope of rescue in the foreseeable future.  He’s been washed ashore with little in the way of possessions, but thankfully with a pile of books for company.  Here are his views on the books he’s brought with him…

1. Which book would you read when sitting next to a campfire, to keep your spirits up? Stephen King’s The Stand.  It would let me think that things could always get worse and that there is always hope.  Plus it’s a really big book and I could be on the island for a while.

2. You’re going fishing. Which character from which book would you go with, and why? Gordie Lachance from The Body by Stephen King.  I imagine it to be like in the movie when they are sitting around the campfire and he tells a story.

3. You’d need a phrase or quotation from a book to adopt as a motto. Which one? “If you really wanted to mess me up, you should have got to me earlier” from High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

4. If a ship was to appear on the horizon, what would you do when you got aboard – in a literary sense? Grab the first book I could find and go sit on the first toilet I see.

5. The tide comes in and one of your books floats away. Which one would you least mind losing? Anything by Gordon Korman.  I know he’s Canadian, but his success just bugs me.

6. If you could choose any writer to be your Man Friday, who would that be? John Grisham. Whenever I get off this island I’m suing somebody so I will need a lawyer.

7. You’ve landed on the island with a single bottle of the drink of your choice. Once you’ve drunk it, what would your message be? An ice cold bottle of Pepsi, I don’t drink.  And the note would be, “how are my sales?”

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