Hot Marketing Tips for Writers (Part 2)

facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

Welcome to the second part of this ongoing series. The promotional technique under examination this week is Facebook. Just how good is it as a marketing tool for writers? Let’s take a look:

1. Features: There are numerous different ways of using Facebook. The standard timeline, the author fan page, or you can set up an actual page for each of your books. To have an effective web presence writers are recommended to use Facebook as much as possible to network with others in the business, but more importantly to connect with fans. And it can lead to many meaningful discussions about favorite chocolate cake recipes, deep into the night.

2. Sub-groups: There are literally hundreds of these. If you’re an author of vampire novels or fantasy epics, then you are unlikely to ever be able to leave Facebook, other than for toilet breaks and a very quick bite. Keep a supply of water next to your computer to ensure you remain hydrated.

3. Self-development (as a writer): There is so much information and advice about techniques and approaches available, it’s a godsend. There are punctuation nerds who will post humorous placards of bad grammar. There are formatting freaks for Kindle, smashwords and for good old-fashioned paperbacks. After 6 months with the punctuation police you’ll hopefully never commit another comma violation.

4. Networking: Well, it’s all about making friends isn’t it? And if you’re not tweeting and sharing each other’s posts, then you might enjoy each other’s company and share some holiday pics. Loneliness can be a thing of the past! Feel the love.

5. Reviews: Much needed fuel for every book to fulfill its potential. Reviews can be exchanged or given voluntarily without any expectation of a reciprocation, depending on which group you land in, obviously. Select carefully! If you’ve written a historical novel, then don’t plunge into an erotica review site without checking your blood pressure first.

So, all in all, Facebook offers a diverse range of interaction, that can be a fascinating journey in itself.

Look out for Hot Marketing Tips for Writers (Part 3). Coming soon!

18 thoughts on “Hot Marketing Tips for Writers (Part 2)

  1. For the Historic book in the Erotica review group, I suppose it depends what history you’re writing about! I am horrible with history but am already intrigued by the idea! I’m so a part of the tabloid magazine generation – aah!

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