Droplets of Verse: ‘Lost Smile’

Sunshine soaks into soil, nature blooms
Life fades upon blades of scrawny grass
In all of this a boy’s smile is lost
Denial of death by the do-as-I-please
Inspectors nod solemnly as they scribble
Never before, never again, never say never?
Genocide arrives to take a million lives, and then more

Oh, the music never plays anymore
No one sings, not even in sorrow

Then comes a hurricane of world war
Heavyweights clash, the earth catches fire
Eastern eyes turn westward and beyond

Spinning away from everything he knows
Naturally, he wishes to find a way home
One day he loses everything, he’s alone
When angels give him wings, he keeps on

So, new lives are carved out, in a wide world
Terrors of war are not so distant memories
Over to the east a curtain is drawn, a sheet of iron
Nebulous dreams never leave him
Every day, he longs to walk a path, the one that leads home

10 thoughts on “Droplets of Verse: ‘Lost Smile’

  1. doncarroll says:

    identify with this one here. one can lose their way in many areas – not just relationships, but addictions to drugs etc. that path can be that of the use of a pen. that’s my take andy. nicely done.

  2. Polly Robinson says:

    So sad Andy, yet a fact of life for so many. The pace matches the tone of the piece.

    It’s an effective Acrostic Poem ~ respect to you, I’ve not yet tried my hand at an Acrostic Poem … one day perhaps.

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