Droplets of Verse: ‘Mr Zhaba Zhaba’

The membranes are clear, the slime is silken
Tongue licks the air, spat out by quilkin
A  croak escapes from the pond-side
Greenbacks gather, along for the ride

A tadpole the size of a tanner
Darting around, then becomes a rana
Rana toro charges at a red rag
Racing rana passes the chequered flag

No tail wags from the padda
Cheeks bulging, eyes madder
Semiaquatic somersaults abounding
Sunshine sees the paddas crowding

Flies buzz around the head of kurbagga
Tongue flicks out, a sticky dagger
Bugs of the land bring delight
Mosquitos go missing at midnight

Mr Zhaba Zhaba resides in the mountains
Hops to the city to splash in the fountains
Mr Zhaba Zhaba sings, ‘Kwa Kwa!’
Mr Zhaba Zhaba is a superstar

Droplets of Verse: ‘Pseudomona’

A network of hydrogen bonds
Oil in a circular shape
Attracted to other oils
Over remarkably long distances
Water expands when it freezes
And rises to the top
Four million gallons of freshwater
The shale gas boom continues

A variety of wastewater discharges
Regulated under the Clean Water Act
100-micron diameter oil droplet
Will rise approximately six inches
Pads made from polypropylene
Can absorb a layer of oil
A bacteria that will eat oil spills
Goes by the name of Pseuodomona


Droplets of Verse: ‘American Dream’

His wife was American
She was a dream
They crossed the Atlantic
Together, in a slipstream
Of love and desire

The in-laws’ eyes
Seemed so kind
Almost brutally beautiful
Things began to unwind
Love letters caught fire

The baseball stats
Were recited in full
Balls got tossed
At a human skull
By lousy liars

An aeroplane landed
In the land of fog
Shoulders were shrugged
By an old dog
No longer for hire

Droplets of Verse: ‘less than two kinds of hell’

I sat in the same bar

sitting on the barstool 

 to the bar clown,
 it was a 

something extraordinary


I left

like that

I drink alone

all right

knocks on my door: the gods sent the ladies to the

arrived one at a time and immediately–another

each a flash of miracle

the gods just won’t let a man drink, they will send the lady 

the delicate rap on the wood and then:
”oh, I heard you playing that music on your radio…we’re 
neighbors, I’m down at 603 but I’ve never even seen you in
the hall…”

“come on in…”

there go your balls,

and then you remember

you walked up

behind the 7 foot giant

knocked his
 cowboy hat off his head,

“I’ll bet you sucked your mother’s nipples until you were
12 years old!”

“hey, sir, forget it, he’s a mental
 case, he’s an asshole, he doesn’t know what he is

he won but you didn’t die,

not the way you died when you went for 
the first flash of miracle

the other fight was more fair: he was slow, stupid and even a 
little bit frightened and it went well for a while,
 just like with the ladies

the difference being, I thought I had a chance with the 

(Adapted from two kinds of hell by Charles Bukowski)

Droplets of Verse: ‘The Seaweed Sways’

Fingers dance like an octopus
So deep, way below dry land
A long box floats, glides imperious
It settles in the sand

A figure sits on a stool
Tailcoat flapping in the water
Today, the fish have finished school
A melody is what they’re ready for

Bubbles carry musical notes
Oceans of rhythm are made
Broken timber betrays a lifeboat
Driftwood in a sunken glade

Life goes on and the music plays
Ivory splashes in a symphony
The crabs crawl, the seaweed sways
Under the water a soul is set free

Droplets of Verse: ‘Roasted’

Anyone can make a comeback these days
But not the bird who just got roasted
Even a doctor can’t read life’s x-rays
Anyone can make a comeback these days
Searching for the wrong line, crossing out the right  phrase
When letters get lost, they don’t get posted
Anyone can make a comeback these days
But not the bird who just got roasted