Droplets of Verse: ‘Sarcastic Comments’

Well, I’m soooo glad you made it
Even though you’re two days late
Were you abducted by aliens? Again?
Who shot you into outer space. Again.

I really hope they looked after you
And gave you a slice of cheese from the moon
Because your dinner is all congealed
I can still flick it at you with a spoon

Did you see a man about a dog?
Dressed up in an astro-dog suit.
Where did you park the spaceship?
And what have you got in the boot?

A bucketful of space dust?
And a spade with a laser light
You can build a castle at the beach
I’ll watch the waves wash it out of sight

I can kill with my dagger eyes
And subject you to trial by sarcasm
Which is nowhere near as good
As a slow death by orgasm

6 thoughts on “Droplets of Verse: ‘Sarcastic Comments’

  1. When I worked in Corporate America, it seemed that men used sarcasm has humor…that may work in the Boardroom for you, but guys, it makes most of us women just bored. *yawn*


    Linda Joyce

      1. I know what you mean Linda, and sarcasm has had a bad press over the years, so maybe my attempt to rehabilitate it in a tongue-in-cheek way is ill-judged.

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