Droplets of Verse: ‘Broken Periscope’

With two strong arms you flexed your muscles of law
Lying limp in your lap now, your power subdued
Within your walls, concealed by skin, remains your roar
Fate stole your memories, a ticket lies in a drawer, unused

But still it flickers, there persists a slow sizzle inside
The sepia smiles of yesterday exist always in our hearts
As we cast eyes onto images, they burn into our minds
Ashes float, burying sparks beneath, a descent about to start

A flag is fluttering, the leaves on the trees are muttering
The clouds in the sky refuse to turn grey; not on this day
Factory smoke shakes hands with the clouds, whispering
If a brass band were playing, the breeze would send a tune this way

Trenches in a world war, where four walls of soil became home
A lit cigarette sparked a warm hand and fed smoke shards of hope
A single flower stands in a vase beside your bed; fragile; alone
Blurred vision, head bowed, gazing through a broken periscope

Silence is broken by a few drops of rain, washing the world
The grime of sadness is carried along rivers of a different sense
When the angels in Heaven call you, when your banner is unfurled
Glasses  will be raised to honour a man’s many precious moments

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