Droplets of Verse: ‘DIY Poets vs Sally Army Band (A Street Battle)

The poets gather; they wait
The Great Notts Art Show sprawls along pavements
Twisting like a giant snake
Artists and vendors writhe side by side – it’s a major event

A quartet of comedians
Tread a small stage, basically a pair of pallets
An artist’s collection is a stand scattered with sliced lemons
Shoppers pass by, disinterested, only loose change left in their purses or wallets

A still sunny day is pierced by a wind cold as crystal
A brass band passes by, their warm tunics beating away brass monkeys
Performance time arrives, the poets’ rhymes are cocked like loaded pistols
Designer clothes in carrier bags, more shoppers pass, stacked up like donkeys

One, two, three poets pick up a megaphone, then a microphone
Verses reverberate, rhymes rampage, leap from pages
Not even the left lion turns its head – these poems land on stone
Christian soldiers march, sounds of the Sally Army Band invade the stage

A final poet grips the mike like a gun
The Sally Army Band blasts away, firing across tuneful bullets of brass
Booming like Brian Blessed, the poet drops bombs, meanwhile the band plays on
Mortar shells of melody leave the poet seeing stars

He launches into his ten minute set, like an Exocet
The drowning poet torpedoed in a sea of brass band oblivion
He rises like Poseidon, at the helm of a jump jet
Cruising through lines of lyrical sweat, riding into the ruins of redemption

English: Andover - Brass Band The Test Valley ...

English: Andover – Brass Band The Test Valley Brass Band entertain shoppers on Christmas eve. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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