Droplets of Verse: ‘Fifty-one Again’

Fifty-one again
Still a lot younger than Big Ben
A hotel near Tower bridge
Complimentary chilled water in the mini-fridge

The world is an oyster when you have the card
Discarded copies of the London Evening Standard
On a tube train, breathing stale air
Disembarking at Leicester Square

Stirred into the sticky syrup of the big city
A quick coffee, people and cars pass by at high velocity
Floating along to a theatre, the Coliseum
Madame Butterfly awaits, wading through culture’s scrum

The orchestra plays, a story unfolds in three acts
Fortune’s whirlwind flies, fate holds the axe
An interval brings a sorbet, flavoured with mango
Two more acts, conclusion reached, a hell of a show

Fifty-one years of meanderings, many of them melodious
I’d take another fifty-one without too much fuss
Night and day, navigating oceans of notions
Stirring the potions, pages kissed by words, my setting suns
Fifty One Again

6 thoughts on “Droplets of Verse: ‘Fifty-one Again’

    1. Yes, I was quite pleased with that line when I came up with it. We were wandering around at the time and I had no opportunity to sit down and scribble it down, so had to keep it in my head for a little while until we sat down somewhere🙂

      1. Yes, I had a notebook with me and I guess I could have insisted on a quick pause to scribble it down, but didn’t want to disrupt our day in that way. And it’s quite nice to be holding onto a little secret in your head sometimes.

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