Droplets of Verse: ‘Lenin Lost His Head’

Standing aloft, protestors holding him prisoner
Lenin’s granite gaze, a Soviet hammer
Stranded in the mists of a former republic
An empire dismantled, brick by brick

The corpse of communism completely decayed
A nation of people battered, betrayed
In its place, a corrupt capitalist cancer grows
Eating proletarian hopes, with poisonous purpose

In a destructive dash towards democracy
And a bid to finally topple communist aristocracy
The crowd surges and pushes, Lenin sent crashing
Onto the ground, a political pole-axing

The crowd gather around the body of Lenin
A hammer is held in the hands of a man, who begins
To swing it down onto the silent revolutionary
Broken and brutal, an act of merciless mutiny

Lenin’s head severs from his shoulders
Rolls along Independence Square, a Bolshevik boulder
Heaved by free Ukrainians into the back of a van
Smuggled away to an unknown location

The assassination of Lenin’s statue
Recorded on TV, for the whole world to view
Was an act of defiance, a war on propaganda
A glorious violence, stone slabs bear the scars

Lenin in his Kremlin office, 16th October 1918...
Lenin in his Kremlin office, 16th October 1918. Русский: Ленин в рабочем кабинете в Кремле, 16 октября 1918 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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