Droplets of Verse: ‘Mister Raffle’

The Acoustic Anarchist arrives, and so does Eagle Spits
Preaching revolution, a punk smorgasbord of discord
Distorted guitars, scowling, snarling anger, a fuse is lit
The poet collects himself, gets on the mike, ready with his words

Twelve minutes of a performance pass by in chaotic fashion
Illusionists use mirrors, poets read from sheets of paper
Pouring out verse, easing an itch that needs scratching
The poet’s words cut through air, rhymes become rapiers

When the poet is done, he sits and drinks a beer
The show continues, punks play tunes, releasing rage
Drums are battered, guitars blast into audience ears
The bard’s poems crawl back into their cage

He’s approached by a barman of the establishment
Who says, ‘Do you want to buy a raffle ticket?’
Politely, the poet declines, in the manner of a gent
The barman says, ‘Come on. It’s only one pound a strip.’

‘No thanks, I’m leaving soon,’ the poet replies
The barman frowns, ‘The draw’s not for two weeks.’
The poet says no again, already happy with the prize
Of a performance and experience, totally unique

‘It’s for Cancer Research,’ the barman say testily
The poet says, ‘No thanks,’ and shakes his head
‘It’s only a pound!’ says the barman, aggressively
His frown getting bigger, face turning red

‘Okay then,’ he says, tearing a strip from the pad
‘Take this,’ he slaps the strip down in front of the poet
‘And next time you pass a charity box,’ says the sociopath
‘Put a pound in!’ When he’s gone, the poet disposes of it

A "hack" poet desperate for money, f...
A “hack” poet desperate for money, from William Hogarth’s 1741 print, The Distrest Poet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 thoughts on “Droplets of Verse: ‘Mister Raffle’

  1. I like the description of the event.

    As for the raffle, I don’t gamble. I was pressed like this once, albeit by a young woman who wasn’t rude or aggressive, just not taking no for an answer till I said it was a matter of religion – which it was, but I felt I shouldn’t have needed to say it.

    However, faced by a raffle for a cause I support I generally ask if they’ve got a collection box.

    1. It was another totally surreal evening – things happened at the gig I couldn’t really disclose, nothing salacious, just bonkers stuff – the raffle ticket exchange just topped it off nicely🙂
      I rarely gamble myself – just not really that interested.

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