Droplets of Verse: ‘A Frozen Pea’

Imagine a large bag of frozen peas with just one pea left inside
That’s the level of your intellect, you can’t even lose your mind
You express an opinion: ‘Fuckin’ shite!’ That’s two thirds of your vocabulary
Only one third left: ‘Twat!’ That’s that, just like Mary, quite contrary

I saw you walking up the hill one evening, making your way back home
It was still early, I wondered whether you were missing your garden gnomes
They must be such good company for you, hanging on your every word
The calm iridescence of the meadow, shattered by your muttered curses

A cigarette in your fingers, regrets the glowing misery of its fate
Its life is short, burning away, onto a pile of fag ends at the garden gate
Your breath infiltrates the air, like the foul stench of mouldy cheese
You talk to the trees, distressing the leaves, as you shoot the breeze

When it comes to taste in music, you’re a conservative reactionary
Anything that doesn’t fit your four piece jigsaw is slightly scary
Your fear is expressed in monosyllables, you’re a ninja of swear words
A small speck, so insignificant, lost in your own tedious universe

Garden gnome with wheelbarrow
Garden gnome with wheelbarrow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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