Droplets of Verse: ‘Megalomaniac’

Determined to defend self-declared interests
Russian leaders ignore Kalashnikovs stuffed inside separatists’ vests
The torture and killing of a man who held an opposite opinion
Doesn’t even register as newsworthy in the corridors of the Kremlin

Revolution rebranded as fascism, rebels relabelled as neo-nazis
A preening dictator finds pretext for deployment of his armies
A strategic plan to seize back old borders of empire, a nation in mid-life crisis
Marauding megalomania, makes a mendacious madman malicious

His own strength paraded, the peacock. A portrayal of supreme power
On the other side of his borders, his enemies must surely cower
An inferiority complex jammed in reverse, his opponents are weak
Easily defeated, blind men in a deadly global game of hide and seek IMG_0492

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