Droplets of Verse: ‘Darth Vader, Democracy and the Dark Side’

Poroshenko calls snap parliamentary elections
Which may attract typical Russian attempts at deception
They can fund a range of colourful candidates
Perhaps pink fluffy bunnies on roller skates?
On another planet somewhere, Darth Vader is poised
To launch a campaign, with helmet, cape and booming voice
Manoeuvres to discredit the election process
Light sabre swinging, a distraction to destroy progress

Droplets of Verse: ‘Gas Pipelines and Greasy Palms’

An outstretched hand, a safety deposit box
Bundles of notes tucked into socks
International corruption finds new supply
A reservoir of riches, a natural commodity

Waste products accumulate, from dirty energy
Buried carefully, especially the dirty money
Investors succumb to the underground charm
Of gas pipelines, idolised by men with greasy palms

Droplets of Verse: ‘The Madmen Are Insane’

‘Stand next to the gas tap and turn it!’
‘Clockwise, hard to the right hand side! Close it!’
So said the diplomat, when negotiating
Hungary complied, hanging on a string
The threat of disconnection, a frozen epidemic
The elderly shivering, children getting sick
Breath frosted onto cracked window panes
Shuddering realisation: the madmen are insane

Droplets of Verse: ‘Moscow Peace March’

Ukrainian and Russian flags flying side by side
The people know their leaders have lied
A crowd of Russians, reported as 5000, maybe more
Coming together, to protest about a war
An invisible conflict, clouded by Presidential denial
Ignoring the dead soldiers returning all the while
In boxes marked with a tell-tale code: Cargo 200
War brings a cost, a brotherhood of nations is buried