Droplets of Verse: ‘Putin the Movie’

So many options spring to mind when casting Putin
Years ago, in his younger days, it could have been Phil Collins
Jack Nicholson’s acting is probably a bit too showy
Putin himself would likely prefer the talents of David Bowie

His chameleon like qualities echo those of Vladimir
Breaking boundaries in a glittering stellar career
The Man Who Sold the World, so uncannily prophetic
There seems to be a connection, somehow cosmic

Bowie could write the soundtrack, a Soviet style ditty
Probably a sneaky rehash of an old hit, maybe Space Oddity
Reinvent himself as a space age propaganda master
Saving the world from a neoliberal zombie disaster

Bowie might decide to method act, annexe Hollywood
Construct gas pipelines underneath the neighbourhood
Dirty energy will finally arrive in Tinsel Town
Pumping waste into the sea water, turning it brown

Bowie, stripped to the waist, wrestles like an animal
Models a Pentagon from sand, bombs it with a beach ball
His Winnebago contains wall to wall dancing cossacks
Makes deals with his co-stars, then, cruelly, gives them the axe

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