Droplets of Verse: ‘Election Special, Live TV Debate’

Discussing the relevant issues of the day
Election special, live TV debate, political foreplay
A stormy build up, akin to a lovers’ tiff
Can’t see this lot sitting backstage, sharing a spliff
‘What are you afraid of boys?’ ask the Greens
Cameron, beetroot red, always bursting to vent his spleen
Farage’ll be late and blame it on the immigrant population
Miliband might fit the debate around 4 million conversations

Tired political cliches overworked, flogged to certain death
Ideological halitosis lingers on every breath
Marginal seats treated to persuasive new upholstery
Tories won’t switch the channel from 24 hour austerity
Clegg prays that no one will mention the dreaded tuition fees
But that’s all he’s got of any interest on his CV
If Big Brother watches, he might put it to the public vote
The star prize: a one way trip on a souped up speedboat


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