Droplets of Verse: ‘Bullingdon Club’

Restaurants got wrecked, all smashed up
Decor destroyed, fine cuisine turned to splatter
An exclusive dining club with a difference
Wealthy Oxford students, whose wallets were fatter
Their ranks produced government ministers
Carefully selected, men with piles of money
A fifty pound note waved in the face of a beggar
Then set on fire, a club initiation ceremony
Generous amounts of cash paid for all the damage
Bundles of banknotes tucked into expensive suits
Wealth flaunted, used to smooth a man’s passage
Boorish, charming, viciously elitist, vomiting brutes
Some of it’s members took advantage of circumstance
David Cameron, ex club member, became Prime Minister
From affluent decadence to full blown swaggering arrogance
Boris Johnson, a Bullingdon beast, became London’s mayor
Abstract Collage One Per Cent by Nicholas Wright

Artwork by Nicholas Wright: ‘Abstract Collage One Per Cent’

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