Droplets of Verse: ‘Half Empty’

Empty beer bottles sing a hollow tune
A pinprick punctures a pink balloon
The door is closed, yet the key is lost
Icicles hang on tight to a thawing frost

The yellow of the sun can curdle cream
A bag lady unpacks her untidy dream
Congregations of germs find easy prey
Old gods said goodbye, only yesterday

There’s a new sensation, born this minute
Fishermen throw lines into the infinite
I’m holding a full glass, it’s got plenty
Observing a silence, it sounds empty

14 thoughts on “Droplets of Verse: ‘Half Empty’

    • Andy Szpuk says:

      Hi Polly, yes, I know what you mean, the political material can be hard work – searching for a new thread at the moment, but still intend to do the political. Finding this material interesting, and it could develop, hopefully 🙂

      • Polly says:

        I think we live in a bubble of our own making…and when hit with political stuff kind of shrink from it. I don’t mean that in any negative way, just as an observation…too many people with ‘busy’ lives can’t think on such concerns, except they are concerned yet helpless to DO something. The political arena is a hotpotch and if folk feel powerless then we can write about stuff that’s more accessible. The poems you’ve been writing have gone into the ‘too hard’ (to cope with) box for me. As I said, it’s good to see these latest poems.

      • Andy Szpuk says:

        I know what you mean Polly, and have noted that over the last year, but was driven to write that stuff. It was important material. In Britain, people are de-politicised, and, well, it’s complicated to explain, but people want a bit of escapism, and something that touches their lives in a deep, perhaps more emotionally personal way, and that’s all good, but politics needs to be in the mix. And I think this new material IS political anyway, in a more subtle incarnation, so onwards . . .

      • Polly says:

        That’s the thing, Andy, life is all around us…rich, complex, worth writing about…it doesn’t need to be ‘in your face’ to have impact…I think of ‘The Thought Fox’ it says so much in such a subtle way.

      • Andy Szpuk says:

        I’ve got no regrets Polly, the political animal came alive. For a year, maybe two, I was a monster, but it was an endeavour to rattle the indifference around us. The fact that you shrank away from it was no bad thing – you were aware of it, maybe that was enough.

  1. Polly says:

    Oh no, I don’t think you can regret…it clearly all meant so much to you and I could see it all from your PoV…you wrote well about things you were passionate about, for sure your political animal did come alive — soz, didn’t really mean to get into Alf this, just wanted to say I am glad to see your return to a different sort of poetry 🙂

  2. simon7banks says:

    I don’t mind the political stuff: I generally like it though I sometimes disagree with it. I don’t like performance political poets who yell political positions in my face at breakneck speed: I have no time to consider what they’re demanding I support and it’s all a bit too Nuremberg. But your stuff is wry, brief and gives plenty of space to consider.

    I do like this poem a lot, though, especially the line about fishermen and the infinite. I just wonder if in that line the comma is needed.

    • Andy Szpuk says:

      Comma violations are a speciality of mine. I’ve been pondering the chat I had with Polly, and, the thing is I have been interspersing the political stuff with the occasional non political piece, but recently have decided I need a new thread – somehow she spotted that was happening, amazing!!
      I was driven to write that stuff, and there were quality issues at times I know, but your feedback is always welcome. I will write some more but it will have a different shape I think generally.
      Sometimes it’s TOO brief, but thanks for the positive comments!
      I’ve removed the comma – that’s much better – let the line flow.
      I’m not that keen on this one, as it happens, it’s not the poem I intended to write and it irritates me for some reason. Maybe I’ll learn to like it more in time.

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