RITETRAX: Golden Harvest, Sheffield @7th May 2016

Ritetrax is a project that goes from strength to strength, and when we attend their events we see some really great acoustic acts, Heidi Dewhurst and Liam Walsh are two that spring to mind straight way. I always enjoy having a blag with Des, the Video Jockey, and then the evening unfolds with DJs, bands and all sorts of eclectic contributions, graffiti art, artistry of all sorts.

It’s been a privilege ┬áto be on the journey with these guys, and here’s a recording from my last gig at Golden Harvest with them. Hopefully there will be more.

At the end of ‘This Could Be The Last Thing I Ever Write’, I set fire to the poem, the recording obviously can’t capture that.

Richard Bower follows with some excellent material – he’s a talented fella.

Click on the image to hear my set, and Richard’s:




Droplets of Verse: ‘A Broken Tail Light’

Poppa could have fixed that easily enough
He wound down the window. Bang! Then a puff . . .
The inside of the car filled up with smoke
It tickled my nose, then the silence broke

Momma screamed, I thought she would never stop
Boys point toy guns, then they shout ‘pop!’
I’ve seen them in the yard at school
They grow up and become cops

Droplets of Verse: ‘Straight Talkin’ Corbyn’

Welcome everybody to the wild wild west
Straight Talkin’ Corbyn’s here to clear up the mess
He’s no easy meat for the corporate vultures
He’s taming the Blairites, changing political culture

Bankers bonuses are far too generous, it’s just not right
Straight Talkin’ Corbyn’s got them in his sights
The world of British finance plays fast and loose
Straight Talkin’ Corbyn will sort them, he’s got the juice

Greedy big business grabs dollars by the fistful
But Straight Talkin’ Corbyn has no need for a pistol
He’ll make them walk the line, by rule of law
Straight Talkin’ Corbyn’s always quick on the draw