Remembrance Poem 2: The Untidy Emptiness

grayscale photo of vintage radio beside stove with cooking pot

Photo by Brett Sayles on

An old, oily rag
Thrown on to a workbench

A brown paper bag
Crumpled into a ball
At the bottom of the waste bin

A soldier’s wife
Cleans out cupboards
The untidy emptiness

Hopes folded in half
Put in a neat pile
Next to the towels

Breakfast with the wireless
A one way conversation
A steaming kettle

A flickering light
eyelids blinking
The slow trickle of a tear

The milk is poured
Tea is served
For one, it’s a cup of despair

Knots tie themselves
Butterflies come to visit
The emptiness

A room aches
It waits for someone
Eternity hesitates

The sound of a car engine
Accelerates hearts
Then it’s gone

A trip to the coal shed
The heavy bucket swings
Her fear weighs a ton

A shopping list
Newspaper headlines
Words become blurred

The fog never lifts
A cloud provides company
And it’s black

Every day
This is how it ends
Silent souls pray

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