Brutal Letterbox


Brutal letterbox
Snapping at my fingers
Brutal letterbox
Delivers nasty injuries
Brutal letterbox
Sits and waits 
Brutal letterbox
Is full of well-sprung hate
Brutal letterbox
Slashes at innocent skin
Brutal letterbox
Is a shiny, brass assassin

Brutal letterbox
Waits all night
Bides his time
He’s always hungry
For another quick bite

Brutal letterbox
Likes to draw blood
He preys on the unsuspecting
But it might just be
He’s misunderstood

Brutal letterbox
Lashes out indiscriminately
Brutal letterbox
Lives his life violently
Brutal letterbox
Shows no remorse
Brutal letterbox
Likes tomato sauce

2 thoughts on “Brutal Letterbox

  1. simon7banks says:

    Anyone who’s delivered political leaflets will feel with this. Apart from those that resist just long enough to allow the dangerous dog to get to the door, I once shoved a leaflet through a resisting letterbox and a sliver of sharp metal went between my fingernail and the flesh. Bled like Niagara.

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