The Life of Brian’s Statue

I fell in love with The Beautiful Game right from when I was a young boy. In the city where I was brought up, Worcester, on the terraced street where our family lived, I was one of a group of boys who played the game outside on the street as often as we could, right up until it was starting to get dark.

Football takes a lot of criticism from many quarters because of the overpaid, diving fakers who inhabit the game, and there are times when I can’t argue with that. Then there are the scandals, the match-fixing, the corruption… I could go on.

But, most fans of football would agree there’s a rich vein of comedy that runs through the game. So, when the idea of writing a feature from the point of view of the Brian Clough statue that stands proud in Nottingham City Centre came to me, it was an opportunity to write some humorous material that I just couldn’t resist…

A leading fans website for Nottingham Forest FC, has published many of the pieces, and NG5/NG3 magazine has also featured the articles on a new page specifically for men, The Shed.

See some examples on the pages here:

2 thoughts on “The Life of Brian’s Statue

  1. Hi
    I too love football
    I lived in Sunderland during the early sixties
    Was a big fan of Clough
    Loved the book
    Damned United


    1. Hi Austin,
      Cloughie was a legend, right from those early days playing for Sunderland. His stories from that time are interesting, particularly around the possible match-fixing by his team mates. Good result the other day against Man City, eh?


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